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Summer School 2009

Summer School 2009

The IPCity Summer School 2009 event has passed!
Thanks to all participants and organizers for their contribution!

Check the RESULTS section for extensive documentation of the event!

The IPCity project invites for 25 international students to join us for the 2009 summer school where they will be given the opportunity to work alongside experts in the field of urban mixed realities. The summer school will bring together students from a range of backgrounds including: architecture, urban planning, computer games design and information technology with the aim of creating an atmosphere similar to those found in leading research labs.

The first day of the summer school will introduce students to the IPCity project, in particular the core theories, key concepts and underlying technologies. During the following three days students will participate in workshop groups which will focus on novel application areas including: urban life and social gathering, environmental awareness, urban renewal scenarios, mixed-reality gaming and community story-telling in urban environments.

Workshop supervisors will work together with the students to familiarize them with the methods, the technology and the focus of the workshop. Together and with the help of the provided building blocks they will create their own content for existing mixed reality systems, conduct tests and field trials, and on the last day present their groupsí work to the other workshop participants!

IPCity Summer School 2009